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Radio Frequency Identification is a set of wireless technologies using radio waves to transmit information between a silicon chip and a reader.


Why Choose Us?

We are independent and impartial. We are not captive to any single system, any single frequency, any brand of hardware or any company’s software.

We are knowledgeable and networked. We stay current, you stay current. We constantly monitor the evolution of RFID technology and the quickly changing offerings of the RFID marketplace. New readers, tag technologies, antenna designs, inlet schemes and software advancements contribute to a system's robustness and efficiencies while lowering cost and deployment challenges.

We are focused and cost effective. We focus on RFID solutions – compliance solutions, process solutions and product solutions. We utilize off-the-shelf components for most solutions and we keep overhead low.

As a result, we provide the best solutions for our customers.

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