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Radio Frequency Identification is a set of wireless technologies using radio waves to transmit information between a silicon chip and a reader.

Welcome to  Productivity by RFID.

Consultants  -  Integrators  -  Educators

Productivity by RFID is a solution provider. We combine knowledge of business and technology. We educate, consult, plan, design, integrate hardware and software. We are independent. We will never force fit the products of a technology partner.

Process Solutions: We use RFID as a tool to improve manufacturing and distribution processes in multiple industries.

Product Solutions: We plan, design, prototype and build innovative products with new capabilities enabled by RFID. We've worked on products ranging from industrial tooling to retail merchandising centers.

Compliance Solutions: All our compliance label services and system integration expertise for Defense suppliers are focused in , a division of Productivity by RFID.

   - RFID Expediter on-line, overnight labels for RFID and
     MIL-STD 129 container labels. ASN to WAWF is included.

   - UID Labels, MIL-STD 130 compliant, in a full range of
     durable materials and sizes. Order on-line. Fast turnaround.

   - Hardware and Software systems installed at your location
     with full instruction.

For a full description of how convenient DoD compliance can be, please visit


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